Breaking Binaries

Secularism/Religion with Suhraiya Jivraj

February 6, 2021

In Episode 8 of Season 2, Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan discusses the binary of Secularism and Religion with Suhraiya Jivraj.

Suhraiya is author of The Religion of Law: Race, Citizenship and Children's belonging and interested in interrogating terms such as 'religion' and 'secularity' through government law and policy. She has a background working for human right NGOs and grassroots orgs and now teaches and researches in areas of Public law, as well as Decolonial Approaches to law and social justice.

In this episode Suhraiya helps dismantle one of the most taken for granted binaries around: secularism and religion. Where do these terms come from? Have they always been around? Who gives them meaning? Do the specific histories that shape them impact our understanding of them as universal ideas? How universal they really are? and what is the impact of normalising them?  

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